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Twin Slide Grids 20x20mm Adheres to slidePS Scaffolds are available in prepackaged tissue culture plates ranging from 6 well to 96 well plates 100% Connectivity The pores of the products are 100% open making it easy for cells to be seeded throughout the porous scaffolds and the nutrient and cell metabolic waste to be exchanged This feature makes the products especially useful in

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6/ 12/ 24 Well Cell Culture Plate TC from Our tissue culture plates are individually wrapped with lid and have a 9 Celltreat tissue culture treated multiple well plate with 6 wells Each well has a raised rim Chart showing surface area seeding density cells at confluency and volumes of versene trypsin and medium for various culture dishes plates and flasks Spl life

US9588105B1 Portable in vitro multi well chamber for

A single or multi well chamber assembly comprising nanoparticle exposure chambers with a plurality of wells designed to hold porous membrane inserts with cell culture media being maintained on the basal lower surface to generate the air liquid interface The wells may accommodate a variety of sizes of cell culture inserts and may be arranged radially

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Thermo Scientific Nunc polystyrene plates with 96 wells are treated for improved cell attachment and growth Model 6905A11 and A13 plates have round bottomed wells Wells are 7 mm diameter x mm deep capacity mL Bottom of well is mm thick Culture area per well is cm 2 Top of plate is frosted

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Multiwell Tissue Culture Plates with Grids We offer highest quality tissue culture plates of different sizes 96 48 24 12 and 6 well These plates are user friendly View More Cost Effective Thermal Cyclers We offer a number of different models of PCR thermal cyclers to meet our needs Manufactured with highest quality and precision View More Magnetic Stands Our powerful magnetic

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Strip plates 100 plates 4 bags of 25 plates Transparent without grid strips of 8 wells not divisible F bottom 360µL 782300 Transparent with grid strips of 8 wells divisible F bottom 350µL 782301 384 well standard microplates pack of 50 plates 5 bags of 10 plates transparentF bottom 100µL 781620

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6 Multiwell Plates Multiwell Plates have been widely used for handling different samples in single experiment during culture SPL provides a wide option of multiwell plates from 4 well to 96 well plates All of the multiwell plates were tested for cell culture

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M 9437 48 well Suspension culture 100 Each Greiner 677102 M 8937 48 well TC treated 100 Each Greiner 677180 GREINER MULTIWELL PLATES FOR CULTURE SCALE UP Simplify Your Scale Up Protocols Multiwell Tissue Culture plates from Greiner for scaling up of cell culture procedures Ideal for all cloning studies Chimney well design

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C 6985 8 Wells per Plate 10 Each mm diameter x 1 mm depthMultiwell Tissue Culture plates from Greiner for scaling up of cell culture procedures Ideal for all cloning culture treated w/2 mm Grid 500 Each Sleeve of 20 C 6546 Size

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SPL Multi well Culture Plate PS 6 wells x mm TC Treated Sterile to SAL 10 6 Case of 50 Cell Culture Plate Cell Culture Plates are widely used for handling multiple samples in a single experiment during culture SPL Life Sciences provides a wide range of multiwell plates from 6well to 384well plates for cell culturing purposes